What We Do?

Working relations, building networks and enhancing client experiences are services that are proudly undertaken under the brand House of Designz. With a licensed acquired as a sole proprietorship for architecture, interior design and consultancy, House of Designz independently lends its expertise to this unique field. House of Designz is currently affiliated to do appraisal and progress reports for the following intuitions such as Orco Bank, The Windward Islands Bank, Postspaar Bank, RBC Royal Bank, Banco di Caribe and BECM Bank. Appraisals and progress reports can be produced for refinancing, mortgages, new construction loans, notary transfers, foreclosures, divorce and insurance requirements. An appraisal report as a deliverable, involves research into respective market areas, assembly, and analysis pertinent to a specific property. It also employs knowledge on the subject matter, experience, and professional judgement which has been developed locally (St. Maarten) and regionally (Saba, St. Eustatius) for over ten years.

Architectural & Interior Design

As you consider transacting for a building or piece of property whether residential or commercial, or you might just want to learn what the value of your currently owned asset is, an appraisal report will suffice. We deliver these reports quickly to have your business expedited quickly but more importantly with accuracy to ensure that you get the highest return on investment.

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So, you are about to build your home, congratulations! Let us assist you with the most important part of it all where it is easiest and cheapest to make the mistakes. Here is where you want to get it right because everything else hinges on it!

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Additional Services


Decor is essential when it comes to interior design as this is what puts the "icing on the cake" so to speak. Furniture selection is the part that brings it all together!


You may have your interior designed already, but now you want to give it a little flare or a major facelift, we can assist you to bring this to fruition


Expression is key here! Bold, discreet, flashy, mild are all adjectives that are employed to bring the desired expression to life!


We can handle your project or consult with you on an existing project to help you achieve the desired output. We can oversee, provide additional resources or simply critique work that has been done for you!

Interior Design

Whether the space is residential, or commercial, the way it is used must be optimized to faciliate the purpose. Good flow, lighting, storage etc should harmonize with good interior design


The design and construction of your building is one of our core competences. Our love for this is the reason we have expanded services to handle the other facets that will bring your project to life!